Freo Fight

ss 2

FIGHT your way through the streets of Fremantle in this beat ’em up with music by People Like Us!
When your pet cactus, Django, turns into an evil villain, it’s up to you, the grooviest brother around, to take on legions of mummies, bats, ninjas and crabs and SAVE THE DAY! Teleport around the city using subspace doors, and maybe hitch a ride in a vintage car.
Soak in the sun, see the sights, and DO VIOLENCE!

This little beat ’em up game features music by my band People Like Us, and the idea was that I would make a short game within which people could access our music, something like a digital demotape. It was basically a crude attempt at making a band app for iOS.

Freo Fight is a kind of tribute to Fremantle (where I’m from) and to River City Ransom, an old NES game that is getting a sequel soon. I love both these things, and I hope the hundred or so people who played it really got that.

Available for iPhone and iPad

Download it FREE from the app store

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